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Backlist Beauties—Wild Irish Women

Wild Irish Women – Extraordinary Lives from History|Marian Broderick|The O’Brien Press

Backlist Beauties is our feature where publishers tell us about books from their backlist which sparkle. Next up is The O’Brien Press, with Wild Irish Women—Extraordinary Lives from History, by Marian Broderick.

What we love about this book:

Fun, fascinating and enlightening, Wild Irish Women is a collection of stories of amazing Irish women throughout history. The accessible writing style and engaging narratives are sure to captivate any reader. 

A little flavour of what’s inside:

From patriots to pirates, warriors to writers, and mistresses to male impersonators, this book looks at the unorthodox lives of inspiring Irish women.

In times when women were expected to marry and have children, they travelled the world and sought out adventures; in times when women were expected to be seen and not heard, they spoke out in loud voices against oppression; in times when women were expected to have no interest in politics, literature, art, or the world outside the home, they used every creative means available to give expression to their thoughts, ideas and beliefs.

In a series of succinct and often amusing biographies, Marian Broderick tells the life stories of these exceptional Irish women.

A line that sings: 

“Wild Irish Women is a book of stories – heroic, farcical, shocking, inspiring and tragic – and at the centre of each is a real, breathing, living woman. Alexander Pope held the view that ‘most women have no characters at all’, but I hope these stories demonstrate the opposite.”

Cover design by: Emma Byrne

Marian Broderick’s next book, Wild Irish Love, will be released in autumn 2021 by The O’Brien Press.