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New Irish Imprint at Bonnier Books—what’s the story?

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Deirdre Nolan heads up a new Irish imprint of Bonnier Books

Deirdre Nolan is leaving her role as associate publisher at Gill Books to lead a new Irish imprint of Bonnier Books.

Image: The Photo Lounge

She will be publishing widely across fiction, non-fiction and children’s fiction, producing around twelve books each year which will be perfectly suited to the Irish market.

So what exactly is she looking for, and what does this mean for Irish writers and Irish publishing? Here she answers the questions everyone is asking…

A stand-out manuscript

I always look for the unusual in a manuscript, something that causes me to pause and see the world in a different light, whether that’s in fiction or non-fiction.

In terms of non-fiction genres I’m interested in sports, history and politics as well as lifestyle and biography, and in fiction I will be publishing a broad range, from the very commercial to literary prize winners.

For children’s books I always feel it’s very important to pay attention to excellent plotting and never condescend—and I particularly love highly illustrated books.

Vision for the new imprint

I hope to provide a new home for Irish talent, and to facilitate the development of happy careers for my authors and illustrators.

The author/publisher relationship is such a unique and special one that can be incredibly creatively fruitful.

I’m also determined that it should be financially beneficial to my authors, and will do my utmost to ensure that each and every book is as successful as possible and reaches a wide audience.

The Irish market

Bonnier Books UK has been enjoying a period of growth and expansion under CEO Perminder Mann over the past few years, and creating a Dublin-based imprint is a long-held ambition for the company.

The current strength of the Irish market provides an excellent opportunity to bring new books to a receptive audience and join in the renaissance that Irish publishing is enjoying.

Irish authors

The new imprint will give Irish authors and illustrators an opportunity to have their work sold and celebrated both at home and abroad.

While the primary market for the books will of course be Ireland and Irish readers, by being part of the Bonnier family authors will have the potential to sell their books throughout the world.

The name of the new imprint hasn’t been announced yet, but Nolan is certain that for Irish readers it means even more great books being published and more voices being heard.

For more on Bonnier Books, see their website.