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Novel Fair 2020 @ IWC

What do novelists Niamh Boyce, Kevin Curran, Alice Lyons, Janet E. Cameron all have in common? The answer, possibly one of many correct answers, is that all have found a happy home for their work through the Novel Fair at the Irish Writers Centre. 

This year, the deadline for submissions for the 2020 Fair is Friday 27 September 2019. The fair is open to all unpublished novelists, writing in any genre. The fee for entry is €50 and submission requirements include a synopsis of up to 300 words and up to 5 chapters of your novel (approx. 10,000 words). 

Only one entry per applicant is allowed and each entry must be accompanied by, among other elements, a completed application form, the fee and the courage of one thousand lions. (Actually, it’s a highly supportive environment, as are most aspects of the Irish publishing and writing industry. But don’t forget your application form or you’re toast.) Full details here.

More information on the application procedure, previous winners, attending publishers and agents and the judging panels can be found at the website of The Irish Writers Centre. Who knows, even if you don’t find fame, you may find yourself sitting next to the next Emilie Pine, tripping over the hat of tomorrow’s John Banville or becoming a character in a John Boyne novel.

Good luck to all, and we hope to see your names in lights this time next year.