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Patricia Forde and children’s authors to tour the Wild Atlantic Way by bus

Laureate na nÓg Patricia Forde along with children’s authors and illustrators will tour the Wild Atlantic Way by bus next year

In April 2024 Patricia Forde will bring a bus full of the very best Irish children’s authors and illustrators for a trip down the Wild Atlantic Way, from Donegal all the way to Cork. The bus will stop at schools, libraries, and bookshops, working with young readers to imagine new worlds in words and pictures. 

Schools, libraries, bookshops, and cultural venues wishing to be a stop on the tour are invited to register their interest before Friday 29th September 2023. 

The Laureate na nÓg said she wanted to bring her two favourite groups of people together—the children of Ireland, and our writers and illustrators.

“Simply put, we’re bringing books and their creators to an audience that doesn’t often get a chance to meet them. The spark for a new story is never very far away, and with the Whole Wild World Bus Tour, we’re hoping to bring it that little bit closer.”

Patricia Forde reveals which books she’d save if her house was on fire, for our Burning Books Q and A. Photo credit: Julien Behal

Patricia Forde was announced as Laureate na nÓg in May 2023. Her theme, Samhlaigh! Samhlaigh! Making it Up as We Go Along seeks to spark wild creativity across the country— bringing children and artists together to inspire one another, to imagine new worlds, and most of all, to have fun along the way. The Whole Wild World bus tour will form a central part of her Laureate term.

Forde pointed to how for years during the pandemic, the big wide world that is usually open to young people became smaller, closer and much less colourful.

“I want to get them daydreaming again, about amazing new places, characters and adventures. I’m a big believer in making it up as we go along and that’s what this tour will be all about. I can think of nowhere better on earth than the west coast of Ireland to get us dreaming about the worlds around us, and the ones in our heads.”

The tour will bring workshops, readings and artist events to venues along the Wild Atlantic Way, with the final route to be determined by this open call. 

Applications to host an event as part of The Whole Wild World tour can be made online here. Closing date is Friday 29 September 2023.