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Royal Irish Academy—Snap That

Snap that: Life through the lens of Ireland’s 18- to 25-year-olds

Royal Irish Academy are calling for all 18- to 25-year-olds on the island of Ireland to tell the story of their generation through a smartphone lens. Photographs with accompanying captions will be selected for an online exhibition.

The closing date for submissions is 30 September 2020 and full details and T&Cs can be found here: https://www.ria.ie/news/humanities-and-social-sciences-committees-social-sciences-committee/snap-life-through-lens

How to share your story


What place or object helps, inspires or hinders you? Is there an object that symbolises the people who shape your story?  Think about an image that will creatively capture the essence of that.  (Please note that photographs of people will not be accepted but you could symbolise a special person with an object – such as your mother’s handbag or your grandad’s stick – just remember to explain the connection in your caption.)


Draw people into your story with a photo that catches the eye and imagination.  Try a different angle, a close-up, or use a filter. Sometimes just part of a bigger object can work better – for example, the door or letter box of your home rather than the whole apartment block.


Your photo should tell the main story.  A caption can help people understand the importance to you of the object or place in the image.

In particular, don’t forget to say whether the photo shows something that helps or hinders you. For example, if you sent in a photo of a locked gate people would need to know whether it was something that made you feel secure (‘helps’) or prevented you from using an amenity (‘hinders’).


Submit your photo and caption via this online form by the closing date of 30 September 2020. Each person may submit a maximum of five photographs – remember you must be aged between 18 and 25 when you submit your images, and you must have taken them yourself.