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Wonder and beauty at West Cork Rare Book Fair

West Cork Rare Book Fair opens this weekend, 12 – 14 August

Set on the beautiful Inish Beg Estate between Baltimore and Skibbereen, West Cork Rare Book Fair hosts national and international booksellers in an event which opens its doors to everyone.

It’s a fair for readers, collectors and lovers of unusual and rare books, art and photography— but you can also come to take in the gorgeous estate, bring the family for a walk in the stunning acres of woodland, or have a bite to eat with catering supplied by the well-known vegan cafe, run by Nicola Smyth of Antiquity Bookshop on Bridge Street.

Inanna Rare Books

Inanna Rare Books

The Fair is organised by Inanna Rare Books, and proprietor Holger Smyth is keen to emphasise that the fair is for the whole community, and for people far and wide to enjoy—a fantastic opportunity and venue for booksellers of course, but also a way for people to glimpse some rare and wonderful things.

There are pirate and fairy trails in the woods, gardens to explore, and if vinyl is your thing, you can find rare records, along with coins and postcards.

Vinyl at Inanna Rare Books

Intriguing displays

So what might you expect? Well, the first ever written book on football for a start, published in 1580, brought by Laurens Hesselink of Antiquariaat Forum.

Then there is a signed copy of Ulysses presented by Maggs Bros. Ltd. Rare Books & Manuscripts—and the one and only example of the Joan Blaues terrestrial atlas, valued at €750,000.

This is only a tiny sample of what is going to be a celebration of intriguing books and art from all over the globe, represented by booksellers such as Asher Rare Books, Joe Doyle, Jim Cooney Rare Books and Schull Books.

The fair includes some of Ireland’s private presses, including Ithys Press and Houyhnhnm Press who will showcase beautiful modern printmaking, typography and book design.

And if you’ve ever wanted to know the value of a collection and aren’t sure how to start, then Jim Hinck will show you how to use a dedicated platform, useful for beginners and professionals.

Starting this Friday morning at ten o’clock, the fair runs throughout the sunny weekend.

You can find your tickets online, or pay at the door.

Friday, August 12th from 10 am – 5 pm
Saturday, August 13th from 10 am – 5 pm
Sunday, August 14th from 10 am – 5 pm

Day ticket: 5 Euro
Weekend ticket: 10 Euro
FREE Parking