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Bookshop Heroes open for submissions

The Bookseller calls for submissions for Bookshop Heroes

Submissions for Bookshop Heroes are now open, with a deadline of 15th August.

The Bookseller is asking for entries to its annual Bookshop Heroes, now in its third year. It is open to any bookseller at any experience level, including independent, chain, and online stores throughout the UK and Ireland.

The Booksellers Association is supporting the Bookshop Heroes feature, which will be part of a wider special issue devoted to bookselling and bookshops. 

Nominations can come from customers, colleagues, managers, competitors, customers—or booksellers themselves, and there is no limit to the number of booksellers who may be nominated.

Nominations should consist of a testimonial of not more than 500 words outlining the individual bookseller’s achievements, and why they should be a Bookshop Hero.

Entries should be emailed to The Bookseller managing editor Tom Tivnan (tom.tivnan@thebookseller.com).

Deadline for entries is 15th August.