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Books Ireland Flash Fiction Series—Editor’s Choice

Photo credit: Ruth McKee

Welcome to our new flash fiction series!

Thank you to everyone who sent in their work for our new flash fiction feature.

We received submissions from all over the world, and each entry was read by our editorial assistant Courtney Fitzmaurice, who chose the final fifty stories to feature in our new series.

Here you will find a wonderful range of styles and themes and a real mix of contributors, from young people at the beginning of their writing experience, to seasoned artists of the form.

On making the selection Courtney said: “It was such a pleasure to read every submission, and it was great to see the huge talent of writers both here in Ireland and internationally. Choosing the stories for publication wasn’t an easy task. With a variety of stories and voices in our selected stories, there’s something for every reader to enjoy.”

Of the fifty selected stories, editor Ruth McKee chose her top ten highlights.

Ruth said: “What I was looking for was voice more than anything else—once you have a voice that you can believe, the rest follows. These stories created a world in a few brush strokes. There was a lot of darkness in many of the submissions—so it was refreshing to have an occasional smile along the way. Even though the themes tended towards what we say are the only two subjects in literature—death and love—there were so many unique approaches that each story was a surprise.”

Top ten Editor’s Choice

Déjà Vu, by Niamh Donnellan

My Imaginary Boyfriend, by Sara Crowley 

Self-possession, by Alison Wells 

Listening, by Shannon Savvas 

Inside Joke, by Ruth Ennis

Daddy Facetime, by Sandra Hirons

Cleaning House, by Lindsey Harrington

Trust Fall, by Fiona McKay 

A Succession of Silences, by Electra Rhodes  

Another Emma, by Hannah Allies 

All fifty stories are now published in our new home for flash fiction.