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Monthly bestsellers—CHILDREN’S

1. The Outsiders: The OriginalsAuthor: Hinton, S E Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd Volume: 2,103 ISBN: 9780141368887 2. Dog Man 11: Twenty Thousand Fleas...

Flash Fiction—Warmth, by Fiona McKay

Portrait of a mother with her daughter, 1816 - 1823, Henri François RiesenerOriginal public domain image from Finnish National Gallery

Editor’s Choice—A Succession of Silences, by Electra Rhodes

Moonlight, Strandgade 30 1900–1906Vilhelm Hammershøi A Succession of Silences There are seven susurrating blood-worked silences,...

First Fridays at MoLI

Join MoLI this Friday 1st July for a feast of events and exhibitions

Editor’s Choice: Self-Possession, by Alison Wells

Books Ireland Flash Fiction.

Editor’s Choice—Inside Joke, by Ruth Ennis

Books Ireland Flash Fiction.

Editor’s Choice—Trust Fall, by Fiona McKay

Books Ireland Flash Fiction.

Editor’s Choice—Daddy Facetime, by Sandra Hirons

Books Ireland Flash Fiction.

Flash Fiction—Doppel, by Helena Pantsis

Flash Fiction in Books Ireland—Doppel, by Helena Pantsis.

Flash Fiction—Proper Science Fiction, by David Lynch

Proper Science Fiction, by David Lynch -Where do they even hold funerals these days? 
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