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Machinations of mortals—illuminating photography in Following Ulysses

Following Ulysses|Hi Tone Books|Deirdre Brennan|ISBN: 978-1-8380385-5-7|€25 “Ulysses reveals what it is like...

Read an extract from The Cambridge Centenary Ulysses—Penelope

The Cambridge Centenary Ulysses: The 1922 Text with Essays and Notes| Catherine Flynn|Cambridge University Press|ISBN: 9781316515945|£30

Edith, by Martina Devlin—an immersive, entertaining rollercoaster

Edith|Martina Devlin|Lilliput Press|ISBN:978 1 84351 8303|O'Mahony's €16 "Martina Devlin has created a wonderfully...

Flash Fiction—Sister, by R.J. O’Donnell

Paul Cézanne's Marie Cézanne's Sister (1866–1867) portrait painting. Original from the Saint Louis Art Museum. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel.

Belfast Book Festival opens its doors to a pay-what-you-want policy

Belfast Book Festival to operate a pay-what-you-want policy for all its readings and events

The First Page—Roma Wells

Watch and listen to Roma Wells read from the first page of her debut novel, Seek the...

Flash Fiction—Priorities in Time Management, by Haji Muhammad

image: rawpixel Priorities in Time Management, by Haji Muhammad Travel back seventy million years and...

Flash Fiction—Dún Bristé, by Aidan Furey

Flash Fiction—Dún Bristé, by Aidan Furey.

What does diversity and inclusion mean? New course from Publishing Ireland

Image by rawpixel.com Series of courses on Diversity and Inclusion from Publishing Ireland What does...

New books for June—First Flush is out!

See all upcoming new books for June First Flush is our fully searchable listings of...
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