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From the Archives—Dervla Murphy’s Visiting Rwanda

From the archives—Dervla Murphy's Visiting Rwanda.

Marian Keyes wins Author of the Year at British Books Awards

Marian Keyes wins Author of the Year at the British Book Awards.

Burning Books…on Paper—Kelly Creighton

Burning Books...on Paper, with Kelly Creighton.

Kilmichael—the life and afterlife of an ambush

Kilmichael, by Eve Morrison (Irish Academic Press).

The Least of These—a heartbreaking history of Dublin’s Foundling Hospital

The Tragic Story of Dublin's Foundling Hospital, by Mark B. Roe (The History Press).

Reverse Engineering—questions raised in this collection of short stories and interviews

Questions raised and lots to ponder in this new collection of short stories, followed by interviews on craft with their authors.

Burning Books…on Paper—James McVeigh

Author James McVeigh reveals which books he'd save if his house was on fire.

Irish writers short-listed for the 2022 Society of Authors Awards

Four Irish writers have been shortlisted for the 2022 Society of Authors awards.

The First Page—Michelle Dunne

Michelle Dunne reads the first page of her new thriller, The Invisible.

Voting Day—when men voted on women’s suffrage in Switzerland

Voting Day, by Clare O'Dea—the day the Swiss voted on women's suffrage.
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